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It's all about the repeat business. If you've been in the restaurant business for any length of time, you know this is true. New customers are great, but your bread and butter is connected with contacting those people who've tried your food and getting them to come back again and again. Trying new marketing methods is crucial to your bottom line, and a variety of techniques is guaranteed to reach a bigger group of people.

  • Help your community and get good press. Sponsor a park clean-up, host a pet adoption day, or give away free food to the homeless one day a month. Make sure your local paper finds out about it.
  • Join a loyalty program. Choose one of half a dozen programs online that reward customers for visiting your restaurant. Every time they visit you, they earn points, which they can redeem for free food.
  • Run a multi-media campaign to reach the maximum number of potential diners. Coordinate print ads with online marketing campaigns, and tie them all in with existing food publications that draw in large numbers of foodies.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly. A significant number of people check their phones before deciding where to eat, so having a clear site is crucial.
  • Post your best social media foodie photos. Turn your best dish into a mouth-watering picture, and post it everywhere online.
  • Complete your Yelp profile. Someone will post there if you fill it out or not, so you might as well make sure the info is accurate.
  • Make a big splash with event marketing. Hold a local open mike night, let Scouts hold their car wash in your parking lot, turn your place into the spot for engagement parties.
  • Hold user-generated content contests. Let diners take pictures of themselves eating and partying in your place, and offer prizes for the best shot each month.

Among the most effective ways to promote your business includes the LA Times Saturday section and the LA Times online food section. The LA Times reaches over 4 million Angelenos each week, and our print & online food content is where Angelenos go for up-to-the-minute information on menus, restaurants, and the local food scene.

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