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Successfully running a hospital is increasingly difficult. Competition is constantly growing, and outside pressures continue to make margins razor-thin. In such a competitive environment, it’s critical to build your brand and get your message across. Sponsored content is a great opportunity to do just that. If your hospital can leverage it successfully, your brand engagement will skyrocket.

What exactly is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is paying for the opportunity to create and distribute content in a popular media—digital or print. It can include articles, blog posts, infographics, videos and more.

Unlike an advertisement, sponsored content aims to entertain and educate. The content appeals to the audience by mimicking the style, tone and qualities of the publication.

Benefits of Sponsored Content

  • There are a lot of terrific benefits from a strong sponsored content campaign:
  • Provides a relevant platform to pass along your message
  • Engages consumers Increases awareness and word-of-mouth
  • Improve brand recall and awareness
  • Improves click-through rate on digital media

Sponsored content is more likely to prompt brand searches

  • 90% of consumers feel that sponsored content is useful
  • 78% of these consumers feel that the producers of sponsored content are genuinely trying to build a relationship with them
  • People that view sponsored content online are 3.6 times more likely to search for a brand than viewers of traditional ads
  • Viewers of sponsored ads are six times as likely to perform a related search

Using Sponsored Content Effectively

The most important aspect of a sponsored content campaign is the content itself.

  • Provide value. Make sure your content answers relevant questions to the publication’s core demographics. Providing value is a great way to build instant rapport.
  • Don’t pitch too hard. If readers discern they’re reading sponsored content immediately, they’ll likely stop reading. Make sure your piece emulates all the other content around it.
  • Change it up. Using a mixture of content is more effective than just one. Create articles, blog posts, infographics, and more.

Leveraging the LA Times

The LA Times is the ideal partner for sponsored content. Leverage our iconic brand to share your message. We work with you as a partner, offering you a wide variety of media vehicles to distribute your message across. You’ll also leverage our incredible reach. The LA Times reaches just under three million people who visit a hospital, and over three million people that use a specialist every year.

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