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Spring is here. It is the perfect time to start a new home makeover project to shake off the winter cheers. As an owner of a home improvement, garden business, or home décor store, you know the importance of a focused and effective marketing campaign to drive the spring home consumers to your stores. Here are a few marketing tips that you might find useful.

Create buzz for your brand

Help your community and get good press. Sponsor a park clean-up, host a pet adoption day, or give away free food to the homeless one day a month. Make sure your local paper finds out about it. Hold user-generated content contests online and promote via social media. Let consumers submit best their DIY or decorating tips, and offer prizes to the best contestants.

Reach potential consumers across multiple media platforms

Run a multi-media campaign to reach the maximum number of potential consumers. Coordinate print ads with online marketing campaigns to maximize your reach across a variety of targeted audience. Strategically place your advertisement next to relevant content or articles will ensure you get an interested and engaged audience. For example, if you own a lawn service then put up print or digital ads in your local newspaper’s home and garden section.

Go Mobile

Advertising on mobile platform is a great way to get the message out to everybody at once. Mobile usage continues to rise, attracting millions of users everyday. Geofencing is a vital part of mobile advertisements. You can target clients in a very specific area near your stores. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time marketing to people who can’t make it to your facility. A text message campaign will drive even more traffic. You can create a campaign that sends out periodic reminders and promotions.

Connect with millions of home consumers

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