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Marketing professionals agree that 2015 is shaping up to become video marketing’s biggest year yet. 93 percent of marketers currently use video as an essential part of their online advertising, sales, and/or communication strategies. When it comes to email marketing, simply including the word “video” in a subject line increases open rates by 19 percent and click-through rates by a whopping 65 percent. It also reduces rates of un-subscription by 26 percent.

As consumers expect more and more from the online experience, video can truly set your health and wellness organization apart from the rest. In a recent article, listed just few of the benefits that are positioning 2015 as the Year of Video Marketing.

Forget traditional call-to-actions. The video play button has become the most compelling way to increase click-through rates and digital conversions. More than 70 percent of marketing experts agree that video converts more effectively than any other medium.

Video analytics and attribution are growing by leaps and bounds. Today’s online marketing industry is driven by raw data, with comprehensive assessments of exactly who is watching each video and how each video click is contributing to specific sales goals.

Video marketing isn't just for YouTube anymore. Although YouTube has undoubtedly mastered the art of distributing videos online, it shouldn’t be the only place that you distribute your marketing content. Extend your outreach by using a variety of platforms to distribute video marketing content across a range of social networks.

Health brands, in particular, can benefit from the improved consumer connectivity that video provides. The explainer video – a one to three-minute clip that explains relatively complex subject matter in a straightforward and often entertaining manner – are exceptional tools of patient education. Short videos can also assist patients who want to assess symptoms and treatments, research doctors, and learn more about company practices.

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