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Consumer packaged goods play a huge role in modern life. From what we eat to what we wear to how we live, most modern societies can’t live without them. This saturation of our offices and homes makes packaged goods a necessity, but if you want to ensure your brand really gets in front of the right audience, think sponsorship.

Consider the Numbers

If you’ve been considering sponsorship as a way to grow your business, you’re not alone: Americans have spent $21.4 billion on sponsorship in 2015 thus far: obviously it’s a method that works. Perhaps not as obviously, it’s a method you should be using if you don’t want to be left behind.

The consumer packaged goods industry is a huge one as well, says Cardenas Marketing Network. It’s currently valued at $2 trillion, and growing rapidly. If you want a slice of that pie, you need to catch consumers as they come in, before they’re lost to competition.

Sponsorship is an effective way to do that. “83% of consumers say free samples or giveaways influence them to participate in events,” the article continues, adding, “74% of consumers report a more positive brand perception after participating in a branded event experience.”

Low-Stress Marketing

Plus, allowing people to sample products at an event in which they’re already participating is a low-pressure way to expose them to your products and get them hooked … in a good way. Events let you:

  • Up Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads
  • Forge Partnerships and Relationships
  • Distribute Marketing Materials

How to Sponsor

Start your sponsorship journey by picking an event. Perhaps it’s a local lifestyle festival, where lots of consumers will be in attendance with family and friends, to engage with brands, try free samples and experience the exclusivity of product offers. Such an event, like the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books- the largest literacy and lifestyle event on the West Coast, is the perfect place to showcase your brand. Other good events include:

  • Leadership trainings, councils or forums
  • Concerts
  • Charities
  • Retail shows, including for apparel, toys, food, home goods, etc.
  • Large conventions and expos

Determine where you want your sponsorship to appear: on the event’s collateral (brochures, flyers, folders, etc.), on walls or banners, on individual booths, or even on the packaging of other company’s goods.

Want to learn more about how sponsorships can benefit your company, and how you can sponsor events at which you’ll have a marketing presence? Contact Victory Duarte today-

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