What is Co-Op Advertising?

  • A partnership created between a retailer and a manufacturer to promote brand-name products in the local marketplace
  • Your co-op advertising dollar allowance is based on a percentage of your purchases from manufacturers

What are the benefits?

The manufacturer and retailer each pay for a portion of the CO-OP advertising, allowing both parties to expand their promotional advertising campaigns.

  • Increases the frequency of advertising and exposure
  • Creates more store/online traffic and sales
  • Aligns local retailers with national manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors can effectively promote on a regional and local level

  • Manufacturer will reimburse for their portion, up to the co-op allowance earned by the retailer

What can the Los Angeles Times offer?

The Times will help find and place preapproved CO-OP accrual dollars in categories including:

  • Automotive (including new, certified and pre-owned vehicles)
  • Parts & service programs
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Home improvement
  • Outdoor products
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Medical
  • Beauty

The Times will assist in CO-OP reimbursement:

  • Proof of performance
  • Media invoice
  • Completed manufacturer claims form documentation

The Times will alert you to CO-OP promotions that will benefit your business, plus strengthen relationships with your manufacturer territory representatives.

Vendor Support

If your company is celebrating a major event, such as a significant anniversary, grand opening or a special sale, The Times will create and produce a request packet to invite your vendors to support a special section focusing on your business — all customized to meet your specific needs.