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The Los Angeles Times is the #1 media in the L.A. market, beating competitors of different channels in total audience reached.

One ad in the LA Times reaches more Angelenos than:

  • one ad on each of the top 5 prime time network TV stations combined.
  • one ad on each of the top 10 local radio stations combined (morning and afternoon drive)
  • 50 billboards combined

Los Angeles Times vs. Network TV, Local Radio & Outdoors

L.A. DMA Adults Reached

Source: Scarborough Los Angeles, CA 2013 Release 2. TV audience: Top 5 English language TV stations, Prime time average half hour. Radio audience: morning and afternoon drive (6am – 10am & 3pm – 7pm) aqh. Outdoor/billboard: Average DEC of Van Wagner Billboards across the LA DMA.  DEC: is the average  number of viewers to a specific sign each day. reaches more L.A. DMA adults than any local media websites. vs. Top Local Media Websites

L.A. DMA Adults Reached

Source: website monthly traffic: comScore, 2013 Q3 average.


The Los Angeles Times Media Group reaches 8 million+ consumers every week.

Scarborough Recontact 2011 Release 2, Aug 10-Jul 11

You’ll reach more people earning $100K+ advertising in the Sunday Los Angeles Times than in eight leading business magazines combined.

Source: Mediamark Research & Intelligence, Spring 2009 (Los Angeles Mediamarket)

A single ad in the Los Angeles Times reaches more people than running an ad during both morning and evening drive times on the top 20 radio stations in Los Angeles.

Source: Scarborough Los Angeles 2009 Release 2 (Los Angeles DMA). Diners: people who dined out in the last 30 days.

Los Angeles Times print and online audience is 52% more likely to have a household income of $250,00+

Source: Scarborough Los Angeles, CA 2011 Release 2

Los Angeles users have the highest buying power index (218) compared to (203) and (192)

Sources: TNS, 2008 Affluent Market Research Program (AMRP). “Are You Maximizing Your Opportunities Online With High Net Worth Buyers?,” The Luxury Letter, 01.07.09. (BPI = Income and propensity to shop online indexed to the total Internet population).

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