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General Ad Inquiries

Wayne West
Director, Advertising Sales
Phone: 213-237-7873

Entertainment and Sports

Studio, Film, Broadcast, Media, Live Entertainment, Sports

Kenneth DePaola
Vice President, Advertising
Phone: 213-237-5125

Fashion and Luxury

Shari Lang
Director, Advertising
Phone: 212-210-1022


National Digital

Brad Agens
Sr. Vice President, Digital Sales
Phone: 213-237-6188

Local Digital, Local Retail

Earl Baer
Director, Digital Sales
Phone: 213-237-5847

National Retail

Large Business Retailers, Travel & Tourism

Kasey Champion
Director, Advertising
Phone: 213-237-3096

Sales Operations

Maureen White
Vice President, Advertising
Phone: 213-237-3520

Local Retail & Classified

Local Retail, Small to Medium Business, General Merchandise, Times Community News, Health, Education

Jeff Young
Vice President, Advertising
Phone: 213-237-6065

Multi-Platform Solutions

Strategic Alliances

Andrea Nunn
Vice President, Business Development
Phone: 213-237-7466

Marketplaces, Local Auto

Real Estate, Recruitment, LATCars,, Cars & Transportation

Leslie Lindemann
Vice President, Advertising
Phone: 213-237-6089


Travel Show, Festival of Books, The Taste, FlightNight, Screening Series

Scott Dallavo
Director, Events & Strategic Partnership
Phone: 213-237-3628


Hoy and Fin de Semana Spanish-Language Publications and

Roaldo Moran
Publisher & General Manager
Phone: 213-237-4361

Tribune Direct

Direct Mail Advertising

Kristin Ranta
General Manager
Phone: 626-472-5293


Darius Derakshan
Phone: 213-237-7499


Partnership Advertising

Wayne West
Director, Advertising
Phone: 909-484-7030

Advertiser Marketing

Client Solutions

Mike Kechichian
Vice President, Advertising Marketing
Phone: 213-237-5906

Media Group

Los Angeles Times Media Group

Don Reis
SVP/Chief Revenue Officer
Phone: 213-237-6453

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