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March 30th is National Doctor’s Day, giving your hospital the perfect opportunity to build its branding. It’s the perfect chance to talk about the difference your physicians make in your patient’s lives. Here are five important tips on building your hospital’s brand via advertising. Paired with great success stories, your brand will skyrocket:

Form a Connection

One of the best ways to brand is by creating an emotional connection with your audience. Your physicians are touching people’s lives everyday. With a dash of creativity, you’ll have plenty of success stories. Here’s some tips for emotional storytelling: Language that describes the story instead of just telling it. Relatable characters (physicians and patients) Being part of a larger message. In this case, it’s exactly how much your physicians care Once you’ve crafted the perfect story, you need to get it in the hands of your audience. That’s what the next four tips deal with.

Send Direct Mail

Direct mail isn’t exciting, but it’s still an effective advertising tool. When targeting older patients, it’s the most effective method. Over half of senior citizens have no internet access. Effective direct mail is personable and valuable. The stories should cater to a specific audience. Consistently build your brand by sending material regularly. Complement your campaign by offering value with each piece. You can continue branding with a limited-time offer for more information or stories.

Leverage Your Expertise

Content marketing is effective, but many hospitals ignore it. You need to take advantage of this before your competition does. Blogs, videos, and podcasts all work terrifically. The key is consistently answering your audience’s biggest concerns. It’s the perfect partner to your advertisements. The Mayo Clinic and NYU Langone are excellent examples of hospitals that enhanced their brand with content.

Go Mobile

Advertising on mobile apps is a great way to get the message out to everybody at once. Mobile usage continues to rise, with many apps attracting millions of users everyday. Geofencing is a vital part of mobile advertisements. You can target clients in a very specific area. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time marketing to people who can’t make it to your facility. A text message campaign will drive even more traffic. You can create a campaign that sends out periodic reminders and promotions.

Don’t Forget Newspapers

Local newspapers are still one of the best ways to advertise. The LA Times connects you with 4.1 million people looking for the latest health and lifestyle news. The LA Times (print/online) reaches: 2.9 million people who visited a hospital in the last year 3.2 million people who used a specialist last year 33% of the area’s PPO & HMO insurance holders Most importantly, 33% of the audience has taken action as a result of a healthcare ad.

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