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In 2016, healthcare organizations will continue to capitalize on the latest advancements in the marketing industry to create a strong brand image and appeal to a diverse base of potential and existing patients. According to industry experts such as Medicom Health Interactive, the key to attracting healthcare consumers online can be summed up in a single word: content.

Medicom quotes a study by Pew Research, reporting that 59 percent of American adults have looked for health information on the Internet within the past year. This echoes the research of GSW Worldwide, which reports that nearly three-quarters of US consumers turn to the Web first when they have any health questions.

As a result of this trend, a growing number of healthcare organizations are supplying professional and reliable medical information online in order to connect with a media-savvy consumer base. But what tools and strategies will marketers use to deliver his informational content in 2016? Industry leaders such as Medicom and MDG Advertising have identified several trends to watch.

Strategic Use of Social Media – As the popularity of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat continue to grow, the majority of businesses and organizations have realized the paramount importance of a strong social media presence. Healthcare consumers are particularly drawn to social media because it allows them to provide direct feedback and voice their concerns.

Emphasizing Mobile Digital Technologies – In addition to turning to their smartphones and tablets to search for online health information, more and more people are using mobile devices to monitor their fitness levels and vital signs to manage disease.

Capitalizing on the Power of Web Analytics – Healthcare organizations are increasingly employing state-of-the-art marketing analytics techniques to identify their online audiences and discover how and where they can best reach them.

Thinking Local – When it comes to healthcare, location is paramount. Using the latest technology, you can send targeted content to people within a certain geographical radius.

Expanding Video Marketing Techniques – Experts expect the trend toward multimedia marketing techniques to expand in 2016. Because healthcare content can be tedious to read, many organizations are making their messages more palatable by delivering them through online videos.

For more information about how these marketing trends can help your healthcare organization reach and engage new and existing patients, contact the Los Angeles Times.

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