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In order to build a strong public identity and attract an increasingly diverse and media-savvy student base, institutions of higher learning must look to the innovative marketing strategies and technologies of the future. A November 2015 study by Hanover Research, reports that 60 percent of higher education marketing administrators in the United States have instituted a comprehensive and modern branding campaign to increase consumer awareness about their college or university. The study went on to report that 63 percent of institutions spent $100,000 or more on their marketing initiatives. 31 percent spent more than $200,000.

So marketing and branding are undoubtedly more important than ever to modern institutions of higher learning. But what are the most vital marketing strategies for the upcoming year? Major industry authorities such as Hanover Research and eCity Interactive identified several trends to watch in 2016.

  1. Fostering Industry Partnerships with Popular Commercial Brands – In 2016, many higher education marketing campaigns will expand to include industry partnerships with brand name companies and products that attract attention while reflecting the specific beliefs, cultures, and goals that the institution wishes to promote.
  2. Strategic Use of Social Media – As the popularity of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat continue to grow among high school and college students, the majority of businesses and organizations have realized the paramount importance of a strong social media presence. Colleges and universities are learning how to best concentrate their social media efforts by focusing on sites that are popular with young people, such as Instagram, and avoiding sites, such as LinkedIn, that are far less popular.
  3. Capitalizing on the Power of Web Analytics – More and more institutions of higher learning are employing state-of-the-art marketing analytics techniques to identify their online audiences and discover how and where they can best reaching them.
  4. Advertising Through Video, Photography, and Other Mixed Media Sources – Experts expect the trend toward multimedia marketing techniques to expand in 2016. Strategies that are currently trending include interactive animation and cinemagraphs, such as GIFs, which feature brief, repeated movement.
  5. The Development of Higher Education Apps – Whether they are educational in nature or designed just for fun, apps are a great way to entice prospective students.

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