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As the world of print, broadcast, and digital advertising becomes increasingly saturated, organizations are beginning to think outside of the box in order to be heard above the buzz of a million marketing voices. Event sponsorships are an effective way to build brand awareness and target a specific message for a specific demographic, including one that is of particular interest to educators: Gen C. In her article “Tip of the Iceberg: The Impact of Millennials on Sponsorship,” Lesa Ukman lists three typical Gen C behaviors—advertising avoidance, experience sharing, and an elevated expectation of businesses—that make millennials particularly inclined to respond to event sponsorship marketing.

Jumping at the chance to expand their ad campaigns beyond traditional media, more and more businesses are turning to event sponsorships. According to Ukman, sponsorship and advertising earnings at the leading live-events company Live Nation rose 20 percent in the summer quarter of 2015 alone.

Big events draw lots of eyeballs, which will see your logo, slogan, business name and ethos plastered all over signage, gear, equipment and handouts. This builds great brand awareness, forging a connection between you and your institution, so potential students or parents think of you when it comes time to make college decisions.

Event sponsorship can help your college or university:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Generate New Leads
  • Form New Partnerships
  • Distribute Promotional Materials

In short, event sponsorships are an effective way to engage your key demographic in-person. Contact the LA Times to learn more about how sponsorships can benefit your college or university.

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