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Whether it’s a coat of fresh paint, fixing a leaky roof, or remodeling the kitchen, home improvements continue to add value and a sense of pride for homeowners. In a digital age with an endless supply of “how-to” and “DIY” instructional blogs, apps, and videos accessible in an instant, businesses are utilizing and benefiting from technology to drive both digital and foot traffic.

Consumers Turn to the Internet

Consumers are increasingly turning to digital formats for home improvement inspiration and research. A 2013 survey showed that over 70 percent of shoppers used the Internet for information or help before beginning a DIY project. 25 percent researched a specific brand.

Technology Drives Sales

Digital technology is driving growing home and garden sales. Taking in well over $7 billion dollars per year, the home and garden industry is rapidly expanding with the help of new digital technology. Specific elements fueling this expansion include mobile apps, innovative e-commerce models, interactive social media, and new search and discovery patterns

Live Media Coverage

Digital trends continue to shape customer expectations in hardware retail. As customers gain increased access to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp, the local hardware store receives live “media” coverage like never before. Every store display may be featured in a consumer photo shoot; every staff interaction might become a detailed consumer report.

Watch and Learn how to DIY

Social networking sites are popular sources of “how-to” information. More and more do-it-yourselfers are turning to “how-to” videos on YouTube and detailed home project information on various social media sites.

Online Marketing, a Must

Digital home and garden marketing is an absolute must. When planning your home and garden digital marketing strategy, keep in mind that spring weather occurs earlier in the year for Southern California. Black Friday for the home improvement industry generally occurs in late March, leaving the summer months to generate the majority of industry profits.

Leveraging LA Times PLUS

Home and garden companies can promote their brand to specific consumer demographics through Times PLUS, an extended reach program of the LA Times. This innovative and exclusive digital platform can reach a precise target audience across a partner network of more than 8,000 high-quality sites.

Times PLUS features category targeting to consumers who visit home and garden sites. It can also provide demographic and behavioral targeting that centers on homeowners, home improvement shoppers, visitors of “do-it-yourself” websites, and other industry-specific consumer groups.

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