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The holiday season is upon us. Restaurants are the perfect place to enjoy these great times when people get together with family and friends. Consumers also enjoy giving (and receiving!) restaurant vouchers and gift cards as holiday gifts. In order to fully capitalize on the holiday season, your marketing efforts should encompass much more than run-of-the-mill seasonal promotions. How can local restaurants ride the wave of spending over the holiday months? The answer lies in effective and targeted seasonal marketing strategies. Here are four tips to help you attract more customers and generate higher sales this holiday season:

  1. Develop a Holiday Email Campaign – Emails are excellent ways to reach out to existing customers. Many people enjoy hearing from a favorite restaurant over the holidays, particularly when the message contains information about an upcoming promotion or a special offer.
  2. Reach Out through Social Media and Text Messaging – Spread your holiday marketing message on websites like Facebook and Twitter by integrating promotions with interesting and entertaining consumer content. Texts are a great way to convey a short message directly to your customers’ cell phones.
  3. Offer Coupons and Special Deals – Whether they are printed or digital, coupons are tremendously popular with modern consumers. Identify your most popular items over the late fall and early winter months and offer special deals on a temporary basis.
  4. Get in a Popular Holiday Gift Guide – Every year around the holidays, major newspapers publish print and online guides that feature local businesses, products, and services. Take advantage of these exceptional marketing opportunities by submitting an application for inclusion.

The LA Times has been helping restaurants increase their customer base throughout the year. The upcoming holiday season will be no exception. Let us show you how you can build a multi-media holiday campaign for your restaurant by capitalizing on our print & digital ads, our targeted email/text message campaign, and our special holiday gift guide (available in print and online). For more about how to celebrate the holidays with your customers, please contact the LA Times.

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