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If you have ever pulled up Google on your mobile device and searched “restaurants near me” then you have reaped the benefits of geo-targeting. As a local business, geo-targeting can be an invaluable marketing tool. Find out how this amazing marketing strategy can help your business and drive your sales.

What is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting utilizes the GPS on a person’s mobile device to determine their location, then it tailors the advertising message specifically for them according to their location, organization, or other information. A customer may be shown specific products, services or other content based upon a set of personalized criteria.

Why does Geo-Targeting Matter?

The primary reason you should be interested in geo-targeting is because your customers don’t stay at home. More than 90 percent of people in the United States alone have a cell phone, smartphone, or mobile device and research shows that they are using those devices for a large portion of their internet searching. They are shopping and searching for the things they want and need right from their phones and iPads.

Meet your mobile customer. They are sophisticated, they move fast, and they want what they want now. They are why geo-targeting matters. When asked where they are when they use their mobile device to search for local information, more than 25 percent that they were “out and about” in 2014. That number jumped to 38 percent in 2015 –m and the numbers are not going down. Additionally, when asked if they had tapped or clicked on a mobile advertisement that was on their mobile device, 55 percent said that they had and 53 percent made a purchase.

What are the Benefits of Geo-Targeting?

The benefits of geo-targeting, aside from the fact that that is where your customers are, is that you can customize advertising to their location or other criteria. In other words, you can create advertising that is uniquely for that individual at that time. As we have seen, 53 percent of the time that results in a sale. Geo-targeting is personal and it is effective.

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