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As you read this report, take a moment to ask yourself: Could this message be communicated more effectively through an online video? Although print articles and marketing messages will always have a place in the modern landscape, more and more universities are turning to video in order to reach perspective students. According to the industry experts at Cisco Systems, video will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Video marketing creates a highly engaging and immersive experience

The benefits of video marketing are obvious. While the print format is quite effective at conveying information, it often can’t engage the reader completely. By incorporating moving images, sound effects, music, and other cinematic elements, marketing videos create an immersive sensory experience that can instantly grab attention and add significant power to your important message.

Reach potential students where they spend most of their time — online.

Video marketing reaches potential students where they spend the vast majority of their online time. YouTube currently attracts more than a billion unique visitors each month. That’s more online traffic than any other social media site except Facebook. YouTube, however, is only one of many digital outlets for video marketing. Users of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other leading Internet sites are increasingly sharing information through various video formats.

Video ads prompt consumers to look for more information

The Online Publishers Association has found that 80 percent of Internet users have viewed a video advertisement in the past 30 days. After viewing the ad, 46 percent of these viewers report taking some form of direct action including looking for more information about the subject of the video, visiting the website named in the video, and/or purchasing the specific product or service that was featured in the video. offers an exceptional platform for video content

Through, the LA Times has developed an exceptional platform for digital and video marketing content. Widely recognized as the number one media outlet in the LA market, the Times recently maximized its online presence to deliver a redesigned, fully-responsive site that is bold, visually striking, and engaging on a variety of levels.

Connect with millions of high school graduates and parents

An excellent marketing option for colleges and universities, can connect schools with over 2.9 million high school graduates and 900,000 adults with college-aged children. In order to more effectively reach these key demographic groups, the LA Times offers a wide range of video capabilities including pre-roll and custom video. The vast majority of the Time’s ad units (from interstitial units to expanding cube units) are fully equipped to integrate video elements.

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