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If you aren’t gaining exposure for your brand by sponsoring events, you are really missing out. New research shows that consumers trust brands that are involved in these types of activities more explicitly than nearly any other form of advertising. Furthermore, nearly 90 percent perceive these companies as being more authentic and tuned in with their needs than those that aren’t out in such a public format.

Event Sponsorships Equate to Trust Amongst Many Consumers

According to a recent Nielson study, approximately 64 percent of polled consumers stated that they had some level of trust for brands that sponsored events in some degree. This is higher than television, newspapers, magazines, radio, and even search engine results! For comparison, word-of-mouth recommendations were the highest level, with consumer opinions posted online a close second.

And the events that consumers find appealing don’t have to be large. Small roundtables, scholarship drives, local concerts, trade shows, and more are all ways that consumers connect with sponsors. Studies have also shown that Millennials—usually a tough market segment—are even more prone to work with a particular brand after they’ve encountered it at an event.

Matching Events to Company Values

One way this advertising process works so well is by matching events to the values of your company. Try to find opportunities that meet your target audience and speaks to what they genuinely care about. You also want to weigh how much opportunity for exposure that participation affords your business and whether or not doing so helps meet your overall goals.

Generally, an event promoter will be able to tell you whether or not your business really fits with the target demographic. In certain cases, taking a part in something to just say you’ve sponsored an event isn’t a good idea. However, with so many different things going on in the Los Angeles area at any given time, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs without too much effort.

Why Team Up with the Los Angeles Times for Events?

Events are our obsession. We produce over 90 a year. And we're not satisfied unless each and every one of them is the kind of only-in-L.A. immersive experience that captivates attendees and delivers one-of-a-kind opportunities for brands. From L.A.'s culinary stars to Hollywood's A-listers, top thinkers to political leaders, we draw the biggest names and the most engaged audiences.

A few data points to consider:

  • 45+ Film Screenings in 2015
  • 156,000 Attendees at Festival of Books
  • We Reach Over 300,000 People and Millions of Their Collective Followers Every Year

Our events are creatively inspired, thoroughly planned and flawlessly executed to meet the highest expectations —of our attendees and our partners. We invite your brand to get a ticket in by contacting us today.

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