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As a local restaurant owner, you probably wonder how to get your ads to the most relevant consumers and eventually lead to conversion. How can you concentrate your marketing efforts make it work for your budget? Well, geo-targeting can help you to do just that. Modern global positioning system (GPS) technology allows us to identify any internet or mobile user’s location and serve content or ads to them based on their specific location. The location can be a country, state, city, ZIP code and more.

As a restaurant owner, you can harness this same technology to increase foot traffic to your store by delivering specific messages, targeted advertising, and time-sensitive special offers to any consumers within a certain geographic radius.

Develop a geo-targeted ad campaign

Geo-targeting allows you to run different campaigns in different locations. Your online ads might be served in multiple geographic areas and vary in their marketing message according to the segment and audience that you approach. Don’t forget to customize the offer details, imagery and call to action for in each geo-targeted ad!

Deliver a targeted message via mobile geo-fencing

Image a consumer has “liked” certain restaurant on Facebook and sports a browser history that is full of food and dining websites. Now image that this individual is strolling down the street right outside your restaurant. Geo-targeting, or in this case mobile geo-fencing, lets you deliver a targeted marketing message to him at the precise moment that he is most likely to patronize your business.

The possibilities are endless

Geo-targeting is an ideal way to target existing customers who have already signed up to receive consumer updates and/or special offers. The possibilities of geo-targeting are nearly limitless. It can take you exactly as far as your imagination and your brand marketing prowess allows.

The LA Times offers a full suite of geo-targeting solutions that will help restaurant owners reach existing and potential customers in their desired geographic areas. Our digital marketing professionals can also ensure that your ad message is delivered directly to those individuals who are most likely to visit your store. We can help you concentrate your marketing efforts in specific cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods. For hyper-targeted campaigns, we can even use mobile geo-targeting techniques to reach potential shoppers within meters of your front door.

For more information about what geo-targeting can do for your business, contact Jeff Young at (213) 237-6065. 

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