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Generalized ad campaigns are scattershot at best. You may reach some of your most desirable potential customers, but the odds are good that most of the recipients don't have any use for your ad. As a home store or furniture retailer, you want your offers to get into more relevant hands, but you're not sure how. Your ads need to reach the right people, and to stop wasting your marketing money on those who don't. You need to pinpoint your advertising campaigns, and geo-targeting can help. With geo-targeting, your ads can be delivered to customers based on their location. GPS technology allows us to identify the location of any cell phone or internet user, be it a city, a zip code, or even a state, and give them relevant marketing materials.

As a retailer, this means you can send promotions to potential customers right in your neighborhood or the surrounding cities. You can increase your sales by offering time-sensitive offers, specials for city residents only, and other targeting advertising pieces.

With geo-targeting, you can run more than one ad at a time. Develop one for local residents, then run a special for residents of newer subdivisions or apartment-rich neighborhoods. It's completely customizable; change up the ad copy, the visuals, and the call to action depending on your targeted audience.

Mobile geo-fencing is a way to get even deeper into your customers' needs. What if a local resident posts decorating questions on social media, and fills her Pinterest page with furniture pictures and paint swatches? What if she happens to be in a local coffee shop? With mobile geo-fencing you can send a targeted ad directly to her at the exact moment when she'd most likely to be in the mood to shop at your store.

If you've got existing customers who've already signed up to receive offers, geo-targeting is the ideal way to pinpoint the exact time and place they should receive your ads. You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating geo-targeting ad campaigns.

The LA Times offers a complete suite of geo-targeting solutions. We have digital marketing professionals who will work with you to create your campaigns targeting certain zip codes, cities, or neighborhoods. We can even help you create geo-fencing campaigns to pinpoint potential customers passing near your store. For more information about how geo-targeting can help your business, contact Jeff Young at (213) 237-6065.

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