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Marketing to a niche market takes experience and innovative tactics to capture your audience and keep their attention. For luxury clients, it is twice as hard. Being able to attract high-end clients who have their own preferences can be challenging. Knowing the steps to enhance your marketing to this demographic can make a huge difference in the amount of homes you sell.

Image is key

First impression can make or break a sale. This is especially true in the luxury real estate game.

It pays to invest time and money to stage a home properly. Rearrange the furniture, enhance the landscaping; these efforts will not go in vain because you will capture the interest of a potential buyer from the moment they arrive and see the house for the first time.

Equally important is the imagery in your listing and marketing campaign. The best way to entice luxury home buyers is to feature lustworthy images of houses, villas and mansions that most people only dream about even walking into. If your luxury client is envisioning themselves living in the house when they see the photos, that means your ad is successful.

Establish your brand

In luxury real estate market, your personal brand is everything. Having a brand that people recognize can make the world of a difference.

A well recognized luxury real estate brand will convey certain lifestyle and taste that will identify with high-end home buyers and lend credibility, endorsement and identification to the properties you sell.

To successfully market to an upscale audience, you need to establish your brand through concentrated marketing campaigns.

Knowing the tools to use to reach a high-end clientele

You don’t see many ads for luxury real estate in yellow pages or That is because luxury real estate advertising isn’t about getting the largest amount of impressions, it is about reaching only those who are real prospects to potentially purchase a home from you.

Similarly, advertising on small local or community newspapers may attract certain amount of eyeballs for you, but what percentage of their audience are high net worth individuals who might actually consider buying a multi-million dollar home? Not to mention associating yourself with less established, small scale media outlets will not do you much good in terms of creating a respected, high-end image.

Identify the right media channel for your message

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or to advertise your luxury listings, always remember that hitting the wrong consumers will only cost you time and money.

Designing a multimedia marketing campaign with a print and online component at the most trusted and respected local outlet, such as LA Times, will ensure you reach the sophisticated, upscale audience that you intended. And consumers will infer credibility and quality from your brand through this association as well.

Connecting with luxury home buyers in your region

In addition to the print and online components, another great vehicle is highly targeted sources such as custom luxury publications and regional real estate magazines. One product that has been extremely popular among luxury real estate agent and brokers is the Ultimate Address Magazine curated by LA Times.

The Ultimate Address Magazine publishes quarterly and showcases prestigious properties in the Westside and Orange County regions. It is distributed only to the most affluent ZIP codes in Los Angeles, providing a perfect opportunity to put your brand or listings in front of the upscale audience in your region. The magazine has two editions. The West Editions covers the Westside, San Fernando Valley & South Bay; and the OC Edition covers the Orange County. Next issue publishes: June 21, 2015 (Space deadline: May 18th). Contact the LA Times to find out more about Ultimate Address and other print and digital solutions we offer and why we provide the best tools to connect your brand with your desired luxury audience.

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