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Choosing a college or university to attend has never been more complicated. In order to tackle this monumental task, more and more students are enlisting the help of parents and other family members. To attract quality applicants to their various academic programs, colleges have begun to conduct in-depth research to see exactly how their institutions are regarded by parents and potential students alike.

Majority of college applicants research with their parents

According to recent studies, nearly 60% of college applicants report conducting research into college options with one or more parents. These studies also show that 61% of parents with college-age children played an integral part in deciding where their children ultimately enrolled. This trend toward close parental involvement is even more prominent among close-knit and higher income families.

Universities addressing parents’ top education concerns

Top concerns of parents during the college decision process include practical educational outcomes, campus and city safety, instructor access, and support services such as student tutors and mental health programs. In order to speak to these concerns and others, many universities are reaching out to parents through a variety of parent-focused email campaigns, advertorials, and webinars. They are also delivering presentations to parents face-to-face at college fairs and other recruiting venues.

The Times connects colleges with affluent, educated families

A respected journalistic institution for 133 years, the LA Times gives colleges the chance to reach parents and potential students on a mass scale. The Times’ print and online outlets offer an opportunity to connect with more than 800,000 families with college-bound teens. Most of these families are affluent (they are 33% more likely to have a household income of $100,000 or higher) and place a profound emphasis on the value of education (they are 46% more likely to contain parents with undergraduate or postgraduate degrees).

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