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June is National Men’s Health Month. Help your customer base celebrate by contributing to the thousands of awareness activities that will take place in SoCal and across the nation. Men’s Health Month brings health care providers, public policy makers, and media outlets together with a singular mission: to heighten the awareness of health problems while encouraging the early detection and treatment of preventable disease among men and boys.

Countless Opportunities

This month provides countless opportunities for savvy businesses and nonprofits to connect with customers and supporters by offering a range of health and medical tips. For those looking for a little inspiration, the expert speakers bureau recently published dozens of ideas that will help consumers and employees alike celebrate Men’s Health Month in style.

Do Your Part

Promote your organization and do your part to prevent disease and injury among men by:

  • Offering a safety program at your worksite
  • Sponsoring a men’s retreat or “men’s challenge”
  • Teaching job-related or hobby-related skills that include a wellness perspective
  • Creating a speaking event or a “meet and greet” with a prominent sports figure
  • Providing essential athletic tips on subject such as selecting proper running shoes or equipment

Have a Digital Presence

Although live events can be extremely successful when it comes to delivering specific messages to specific local groups, you can significantly broaden your outreach by creating and maintaining a strong digital presence. Consider posting valuable information and/or links on your company website.

Streamline Operations

Reaching out to medical providers and wellness initiatives, Medicom Health Interactive encourages all healthcare organizations to streamline their online operations by:

  • Making online appointment options easy
  • Providing opportunities to see both male and female doctors
  • Offering free online health information

Get Social

Men’s Health Forum recommends celebrating Men’s Health Month by harnessing the power and popularity of social media. For organizations that seek to attract people to their events, distribute essential information, or simply generate publicity about men’s health issues, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be truly invaluable tools.

Other powerful avenues for delivering messages about men’s health are provided by print and online news organizations such as the LA Times. has a long history of connecting health brands with the men who use them. This online news source reaches more than 13 million men and provides males with compelling sports, business, and local news coverage.

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