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Brand leveraging needn’t be confined to the offseason. The Fourth of July is a great time for bolstering company scale, inbound marketing solutions and spending options. Last year, July 4th experienced an astounding 58 percent expenditure increase, with average Americans spending approximately $300 per person.  

Marketers can enrich their programs across multiple industries during the holidays, and spending increases provide fertile environments. Seasonal campaigns, creative endeavors and new spending plans persisting, this year's Independence Day will likely continue a trend of upward mobility and excellent opportunities.

Your Campaign and You: Fourth of July Outreach

If you’re seeking promotions and deal outreach, July 4th proposes good competition for consumer dollars. Spreading promotional services is effective, so boosting your Twitter campaign and holiday hashtags is suggested.  

Modern marketing channels thrive in online atmospheres, and stories, Vines, Facebook posts and automatic response posts can redefine your entire campaign. July 4th social collections offering Pinterest favorites can jumpstart your company, and linking relevant products—of course—will drive commerce.

It’s All in the Email: The July 4th "Pull Power"

Email hasn’t gone out of style—and it’s become am modern marketing powerhouse in terms of revenue expansion. Parades, picnics, summer, boats and grills are all celebrated on July 4th, and recent years have recorded the holiday’s top-dog performance in terms of email marketing success.

Take note: July 4th holds a high-powered 22 percent volume increase alongside a 32 percent revenue increase. Internet searches aside, email marketing efforts are incredibly profitable over the holiday. Email is approximately 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined in terms of consumer retention.

Promotional Email Campaigns and the Modern Holiday

The Fourth of July is the year’s finest marketing realm for email, and average order value gained through such efforts is approximated at 17 percent higher than average, social-media-derived orders. In 2012, 44 percent of email recipients made at least a single purchase based upon promotional email efforts.

Of course, keeping in touch is important. While promotional email efforts are effective, remaining up to date on modern trends, product news and consumer needs is vital for any firm’s success. Modern marketing is contingent upon consumer outreach and dynamic relationships. The age of old, spam-worthy inbox promotions is over. Retaining company good-will is important, as modern consumers value evolving, healthy relationships.  

Connect with millions of local consumers this Fourth of July

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