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Finding the right advertising strategy for your business might sometimes feel like looking for the Holy Grail. While there are a lot of methods you could take to conquer the market, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re actually on the right path. Thankfully, there are a few proven approaches to help you gain the exposure you need without having to take too much of a risk.

Combining Print and Media Advertising: A Winning Strategy

A 2014 Tribune Company study recently discovered that consumers are 75 percent more likely to take action when they’ve viewed an advertisement on more than one platform. This includes both print and digital formats. For those who follow the advertising niche closely, this isn’t too surprising—especially in the Los Angeles market.

Proven Fact That Buyers Respond to Repeated Exposure

Buyers are always very aware of products that are aggressively marketed. They see these campaigns in their faces each day, which acts as a constant salesperson for that particular brand. The next time they are in the market for a coordinating product or service, these consumers are highly likely to choose or at least consider the item or service they’ve already heard so much about. In fact, a survey from Simmons showed that this method is approximately 81 percent effective.

Why Do Combination Print and Digital Campaigns Work?

So, we’ve already established that cross platform campaigns work. Why? Today’s Californians are tech-savvy and like knowing what’s happening now. They’re still reading the print newspaper over breakfast, but might check the evening edition on their tablet later in the day or might look up the latest news on their laptop over lunch. But what’s crucial about this is that they are fully committed to using two sources to get the information they crave: traditional print and digital.

Are You Leaving Part of Your Target Market Out in the Cold?

If you’ve been sticking to only print or only digital advertising, you could be leaving your target market out in the cold. Furthermore, a generational gap is also making advertising more difficult. Millennials and those who are familiar with technology often lean towards online media, where older folks still opt for having a print version in front of them each day. Leave out one of the two and you could be alienating a whole section of your clientele. This is why double campaigns and a cross platform approach can be so crucial.

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