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The term “junk mail” is so ubiquitous as to make one assume that all freestanding ads – the advertising inserts that come inside the newspaper – are automatically useless. But if you’ve been avoiding freestanding ads on this assumption, you could be missing out.

According to a 2014 study, 40 percent of people who receive insert ads still look at them, while 31 percent claim checking inserts is routine. Furthermore, 29 percent enjoy the process, while 27 percent plan to use insert ads in their shopping.

That’s a hefty chunk of the population that has potential to become your audience, or your most loyal of shoppers. Even more impressively, consumers turn to newspaper inserts before heading to a grocer’s website: while only 32 percent do the latter, 53 do the former. And overall, says Bloomberg Business, 52 percent of people prefer to get their coupons from newspapers, as opposed to only 51 who want to get them in their mailbox.

This makes freestanding ads an even better bet than placing coupons and deals on your own site! By mistakenly assuming that the print coupon has gone the way of the dinosaur, they’re robbing themselves of would-be devoted customers.

In fact, continues Bloomberg, they’re doing even better now than they were before the digital revolution: a full 92.5 percent of coupons in the first half of 2014 were in the form of freestanding ads. It’s clearly an effective advertising solution while digital coupons find their footing.

Freestanding inserts have the crucial ability to influences the brand purchases of shoppers. It turns out that the sales of a competing brand to non-users of coupons decrease in the weeks following the appearance of a coupon in a freestanding insert. That means that by using an ad, you have the ability to snake market share from competing brands.

In other words, print coupons are useful and here to stay. They’re statistically most effective and they’re what shoppers look for when choosing a brand. LA Times powers the most robust advertiser package in SoCal – a bundle of free-standing inserts and promotions that reaches more than 80% of homes in the L.A. market. Deliver your message with the market’s leading news brands and target your audience down to the ZIP Code and sub-ZIP Code levels. Get in touch with LA Times’ Victor Duarte at to find out more about how you can influence brand decisions and gain market share today.

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