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Attracting students to your institution of higher learning has never been harder. With thousands of educational options to choose from, competition among colleges and universities has never been stiffer. In such a cutthroat environment, it is absolutely essential to build your brand and direct your message to the proper demographic. Sponsored content offers a great opportunity to do exactly that. If your university can leverage it successfully, your name recognition and public engagement will positively skyrocket.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a form of marketing that involves paying for the opportunity to create and distribute content in a popular media—digital or print. It can come in the form of articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, and more. Unlike a traditional advertisement, sponsored content speaks directly to the audience by mimicking the style, tone, and qualities of the publication in which it appears. Leveraging the appeal of this publication, it typically conveys useful or entertaining information that is designed to favorably influence the perception of the sponsor brand.

Keep it Fun

Pickle Jar Communications recently listed a number of universities that have found tremendous success placing sponsored content on popular news and media websites. For example, Ashford University chose to mimic BuzzFeed’s iconic quizzes by presenting its own quiz that asked “What Type of Learner Are You?”

Look Outside the Classroom

Cornell University looked outside the classroom to give students advice about how to survive freezing New York winters. This “top-list” style content kept things fun with references to pop-culture touchstones such as the films Groundhog Day and Frozen.

Include Sponsored Content

Sponsored content often works best when it is part of larger comprehensive marketing campaign. Strayer University recently put this strategy into action through a partnership with a major British news site. They have committed to publish approximately 160 pieces of education and business content for Strayer over the next year.

In the field of higher education and beyond, the LA Times is the ideal partner for sponsored content. Our iconic brand is the perfect vehicle to share your message across a wide variety of media. The LA Times provides an extensive distribution network that includes over 1 million parents, and 781,000 homes with college bound kids.

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