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Local Values

LA Times Preprint Network

Reaching 4.6 million consumers every week. In print and online.

LA Times Media Group has created the leading preprint network in SoCal - a marketplace of advertising offers and promotions reaching consumers as they plan their weekend shopping. Deliver your message with the market’s leading, multimedia news brands – LA Times, Times Community News, and Hoy – and connect with the most desirable consumers in the market. Our readers are highly affluent and engaged with our products. Nearly 60% of our readers made a purchase because of ads in the wrap.

Whether you want to saturate your market area or target a specific demographic, we can create a customized campaign that reaches your precise audience.

  • Full market coverage, reaching 81% of homes in the L.A. market
  • Target by ZIP code, sub-ZIP code, household, radius or drive-time
  • Robust digital circular platform, featuring ads in a highly interactive format


Preprint Delivery Vehicles

  • LA Times – 413,000 weekday homes; 746,000 Sunday homes
  • LATimes.com’s Offers & Deals - 24 million monthly unique visitors
  • Los Angeles Times Select - 280,000+ opt-in consumers
  • Times Community News – 57,000 affluent non-subscribers of Daily Pilot and Coastline Pilot
  • Fin de Semana: 800,000 homes in high-density Hispanic neighborhoods
  • Local Values Wrap: 1.8 million homes via shared mail or private carrier distribution.

Other Targeted Advertising Opportunities

  • Preprints - 7 days a week in the LA Times
  • Subscriber Wraps - Thursday Weekly Values Wrap and Sunday Comics Wrap
  • Ad Tags – Your message on the front page
  • We-Prints - We print your 4- to 16 page advertising section after the Main News section
  • Polybags - Your logo or advertising message printed on a polybag. Home delivery only.
  • Toppers - Your preprint on top of the paper, rather than inside it. Home delivery only.
  • Innovative distribution programs – custom delivery routes, door hangers, product sampling, and more

Source: Los Angeles Times projections based on U.S. Postal Service CDS File.

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