Tourism Australia and Virgin Australia joined forces in order to create a partnership that would promote travel to Australia. This collaboration between one of the national airlines of Australia and its national organization aimed, to attract tourism for Australia.


One of the challenges Tourism Australia and Virgin Australia faced was overcoming the target audience’s reluctance to plan a trip to Australia because of the long flight paired with the unfamiliarity of the country. The target of audiences were affluent Americans (45y/o and up) planning their next overseas vacation. Tourism Australia and Virgin Australia needed to find ways to educate audiences that Australia offers value for money, quality food and wine, and an interesting history.


By partnering with the Los Angeles Times, Tourism Australia and Virgin Australia were able to familiarize their audience with Australia through a series of sponsored content articles, showing what Australia has to offer in terms of natural beauty, culture, food and wine. The Los Angeles Times also ran an adjacent ad campaign for Virgin Australia, promoting their service as an effortless and affordable way to travel to Australia with genuine hospitality. The Los Angeles Times was able to incorporate a campaign that was co-branded by both entities, which ran across latimes.com and included high-impact and video units.


Through the partnership with Los Angeles Times, Tourism Australia and Virgin Australia were able to successfully achieve their goal of attracting travel to Australia. The campaign generated 5.7 million impressions, with an overall click-through-rate of .2%.

Source: Scarborough Los Angeles, 2014 R 1 (Total Feb 2013- Jan 2014). (Weekday LA Times + 7-day online).