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Covered California

October 2nd, 2013

Showcase your affordable insurance options on latimes.com and beyond.

With the state’s Covered California™ marketplace being promoted in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act, take advantage of this opportunity to create brand awareness for your company while our readers seek information on this timely topic. In addition, Covered California™ will be running a robust campaign on latimes.com – what better time than now to align your brand with this initiative.

Advertise on latimes.com to reach individuals and businesses in need of the affordable healthcare services your company provides. Integrated packages include latimes.com desktop and mobile sites, and extended reach across our Premium News Network of 1,600+ top local newspaper, broadcast, magazine and radio sites. Custom print advertising opportunities are also available.

Reserve your space today.

For more information, contact Leslie Restaino at 213.237.6755

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