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June 24th, 2014

Marketplace is LA Times’ new weekly lifestyle publication. Geo-targeted to 4 micro zones and aiming at busy consumers interested in a “lite” read as they plan their weekend shopping, Marketplace helps small and medium sized businesses  effectively reach local shoppers in their market area via print and digital.

Designed to capture readers’ attention, Marketplace features bold images and short, consumer-focused features.  Categories covered:

  • Entertainment & Celebrities
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Home Design & Décor
  • Events & Holidays
  • Local Shopping & Dining
  • Travel & Things to Do


  • Tabloid size, full color on hibrite paper
  • Print ROP ads & advertorials opportunities avaiable
  • Distributed to 4 micro zones:

• San Fernando Valley East: 80,400 HHLDs (52% market penetration)
• San Fernando Valley West: 105,500 HHLDs (64% market penetration)
• Westside East: 109,200 HHLDs (58% market penetration)
• Westside West: 106,600 HHLDs (63% market penetration)


  • Content & ads live on marketplace.latimes.com
  • Campaign includes display ads, landing page, videos and advertorials such as expert advice
  • Marketplace Section & featured local offers promoted by targeted display ads on latimes.com & 50,000 weekly email blasts


  • Reach consumers as they plan weekend shopping
  • Localized publication for local ads/offers
  • Professionally crafted content keeps readers engaged and provides a quality environment for your ads
  • Extended reach to digital users via the Marketplace website, with landing page & built-in SEO
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