In L.A. DMA alone, Los Angelest Times reaches 2.1MM adults age 25-54 and 2.3 million adults age 18-49.
Note: LAT reach: past 7 days print and online. Source: Scarborough Research, Los Angeles 2013 Study R2. Base: L.A. DMA adults.
The Los Angeles Times Media Group reaches over 8.6 million Los Angeles consumers every week.
Scarborough Recontact 2013 Release 2
Readers of the Los Angeles Times are 83% more likely to have taken a cruise in the past 3 years than the average adult in the L.A. DMA.
Source: Scarborough Los Angeles, CA 2012 Release 2.
41% of Los Angeles Times readers have taken a domestic vacation in the past year.
Source: Scarborough, Los Angeles, CA 2012 Study Release 2.
Compared to the average adult in the L.A. DMA, Los Angeles Times readers are 34% more likely to be home owners with HHI $100K+, and 75% more likely to own a home valued at $1 million+.
Source: Scarborough Los Angeles, CA 2013 Release 2. Los Angeles Times past 7 days print and online audience.
The Los Angeles Times Image section has a higher circulation in California than the leading women’s style publications.
Sources: ABC Publisher's Statements Sept 2013 for L.A. Times, June 2013 Statement for magazines.
The Los Angeles Times reaches 1.8 million alcoholic spirit drinkers.
Source: Scarborough Research, Los Angeles Study 2012 Release 2.
Combined with preprints in the Los Angeles Times, our total market coverage distribution provides 95% household penetration in our coverage area.
POI; CDM household counts.
You’ll reach more people earning $100K+ advertising in the Sunday Los Angeles Times than in eight leading business magazines combined.
Source: Mediamark Research & Intelligence, Spring 2010 (Los Angeles Mediamarket)
The Los Angeles Times Media Group over indexes (147) in reaching households planning to lease a luxury vehicle.
Source: Scarborough Custom Recontact Study 2012 Release 2
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