Vodka is the most popular liquor in the US. All though it has lost some market share in the past few years to the resurgence to whiskey, it still accounts for 25% of all US liquor sales. In the past few years as part of the move towards American-made, artisanal-focused brands have been gaining market share from traditional Russian and European brands. Hangar 1 was created by a founder of the craft distilling movement, and when purchased by Proximo Spirits, the company committed to re-introducing the produced-in-America brand.


As part of the re-brand, Proximo wanted to highlight the California lifestyle connection natural to a brand created and distilled in the Golden State. They proposed to drive consumer engagement with and awareness of the Hangar 1 brand locally while also appealing to a national audience’s interest in the California lifestyle. The goal was to communicate Hangar 1 brand attributes and align brand with West Coast living.

With both the #1 media platform in L.A., the second largest DMA in the country, as well as national reach through latimes.com, the Los Angeles Times was key to accomplishing both of these goals.


The campaign leveraged Hangar 1’s “Quintessentially California” brand messaging and its story of locally sourced ingredients and unique flavor profiles. The campaign featured:

  • A branded, consumer-facing microsite created by Los Angeles Times Content Solutions. (http://quintessentialca.com/). The site featured a series of informative articles, inspirational photography, and educational videos showcasing the people, places, food (and drinks!) that capture the essence of California living.
  • A promotional campaign on latimes.com that reached both a local and national audience.
  • A live event re-introducing the brand to an affluent California food focused audience. The event featured a two-night sponsorship of Los Angeles Times’ “Bite Nite” In May of 2014. Hangar 1 was the official spirit of the evening and was featured in signature cocktails for all attendees.


Hangar 1’s campaign to re-inforce its brand resulted in users spending 1,294 hours engaged with site content, the equivalent of 155,335 :30 television spots, in addition to:

An engaged audience: People spent, on average, over 2 minutes per page engaging with the custom content

Reached 300 consumers in person through the Bite Nite event

Over 9 million Hangar 1 impressions delivered to consumers locally and nationally